A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Heroes versus the forces of evil? Defender of the lair from looters? Only the victor can decide how history is written. Play in a team of up to four Scramblers to fight through levels of monsters  before time runs out, reach the Overlord, and claim the dungeon and all of its treasures with your own two hands. Or, play as the Overlord to defend your lair by setting advantageous traps and engaging the Scramblers at every corner before you reveal your true form in a last stand against them!

This is cross-platform! Download it on your Windows computer or join us on your phone!
(Multiplayer is also currently being debugged.. sit tight!)

Brought to you by Scatterbrain Games
Chloe Culver, Grayson Hill, Kris Kath, Hanson Nguyen, and Jessica Wei
Kelly and Laura 
Music Composer
Nick Kending

And a special thank you to our professor, Fei Hoffman, for allowing us to make this game for our senior project and a year of watching over our work! We couldn't have done this without your support.


Dungeon-Scramblers-Windowsv1.02.zip 49 MB
DungeonScramblersv00.apk 47 MB